Winter Garden

Discover Clapham’s very own enchanted Winter Garden hidden within The Jam Tree. Enter the magnificent newly erected big top at our fabulous venue and enjoy the stylishly lit, cosy atmosphere we offer; now including toasty heaters throughout the entire garden and a soon-to-be launched Hot Cocktail menu! You can be sure that the rain will be kept at bay and you will be heated throughout your stay.

You can even hire your own Stella Artois Bar where you can buy a keg of beer and serve you and your guests freshly poured pints of beer yourselves! How it works, is that you buy a keg (or two…), we provide the bar, glassware… and that’s it!

1 Keg of Stella (88 pints), normally £475, we sell it to you for £450

2 Kegs of Stella (176 pints) normally £950, we sell it to you for £850